“I love my unshaven legs”

Week after week month after month we go through that excruciating process of shaving and waxing….

How about if we just let our bodily hair be…would it be so bad…?Image

Its a bright and sunny day you want to rock your mini skirt with that sexy spaghetti top….eish then you look in the mirror and your under arms have grown a mini bush of hair  …then you try to convince yourself that you can keep your arms down the whole day (haha think again), you know someone is going to want hug you….maybe put some baby oil to flatten down the hair on your legs….*hmmm maybe not*…you go to the bathroom … those blades and hair removal creams are staring at you ….then slowly that dreaded process begins again… ouch! ouch! ouch!

But here is a well-known celebrity “Mo’Nique”, who despite popular beauty standards especially in the celeb world where there so much pressure to look a particular way, she  refuses to shave her legs….I read an article about her once regarding this and I thought “WOW” how bold, how daring, how different…it is totally not ideal  yet she refuses to conform…To the world it seems undesirable, imperfect, dirty but to her its beautiful, sexy…she works those legs…she struts her body and  exudes confidence while doing it….How inspiring…how brave …how important….what an example….

It made realize that when one truly embraces their quirks, or what seems like a flaw to others…confidence, contentment and self love become  permanent imprints to your self esteem…yes they will try to break you with their harsh comments; which by the way  are merely reflections of their inner struggles ….but you smile and look at them because you are happy and fulfilled…you don’t need anyone’s validation…and soon they begin to accept you because you have accepted yourself….

You go girl…flaunt those unshaven legs….

If Mo’Nique can do it so can you