The glitches that lay beneath

Sourced from: mitsy magicful

Oh yes there she is, looking absolutely breath-taking in that dress…the perfect 10 isn’t she…

hahahahaha…if only you knew all the malfunctions that lay beneath …

So the other day, my mum was getting to ready for a very important interview. She had bought an amazing looking little black number, you know that one that just accentuates your

curves and makes even the bumpy parts look nice and firm….*yep that one*…Anyway so being the perfectionists that she is, she decided that the dress needed some ironing even though it

looked perfectly fine to me….Then you can only guess what happened next…yep she burnt the dress…butttt that wasn’t going to stop her from wearing her new dress…so she decided to

patch it up with a bit of black polish…which was fine because it was a small burn and the dress was black, so it wasn’t very noticeable (oh so she though)…After that she decided to put

on some stockings because it was a bit chilly that day…as with any women’s nightmare, the stockings started to run…so she decided to quickly stop the run with nail polish …which

worked fine because the dress was long enough to cover the run…and then when we thought things couldn’t get worse, the button at the back of the dress fell out and no it wasn’t one of

those sewed in type, it was glued to the dress)…By some miracle she found glue to stick on and then sat on the button for about 15 minutes so that it would stick on the dress…After some

time, she reappeared all dressed up and ready to rock and roll and as great as she looked, I just hoped that the look would stay intact with all the malfunctions that lay beneath.

Beauty is pain and drama I tell you, the perfect look isn’t so polished underneath…I guess the perfect 10 isn’t so perfect after all

#wardrobe malfunctions