An unlikely encounter: it involves a sandwich and a deep Zulu accent

tired all starshahahaha, just thinking about this story cracks me up…

okay okay so this is how it went down….

I had just knocked off work and decided to go the library. On my way up the stairs, I see a lonely,tired not too bad-looking guy sitting down, salvaging what looked like a two slice Sandwich stuffed with cheese and polony, *boy was he hungry you would swear the sandwich was going to  run away*…Anyway as I approach the stairs he says pointing out his sandwich; “Would you like to join me” (in the deepest Zulu accent)… In my response I pause, confused thinking to my self ” Did this boy just ask me to join him with his half eaten homemade  sandwich, wearing worn out All-stars that look like that they have been passed down  3 generations’…So I smirk and he has this serious look on his face as if he is proposing marriage and then I burst out laughing…*thinking Zulu man is serious right now, he is tryna push game*…and then he started laughing too, hahahaha… So we laugh for a minute and as the laugh slowly fades away he says “well a sandwich is all I had, you know, I had to try something”….ncahhh, yeah I know quite sweet…He might not have had roses or chocolate but I was humbled….