“Happily ever NOW”

“happily ever afters” only exist in movies….but we can create “happy ever NOWs”

Here are 5 steps….

1. FLAUNTING instead of fixing your flaws…

Quite frankly perfection…ideals are overrated… STOP right now whatever it is that you are trying to fix. If you have a flat nose… let it be…you might just end up without a nose with all that surgery. Let go of all that lightening cream just to make your skin appear lighter….at least no one will be able to tell that you are *blushing* and most people prefer their coffee without milk anyway…oh and please ¬†keep that gap on your teeth open…it makes your smile look interesting.

2. ACCEPTING instead of changing his/her imperfections

…Once we acknowledge our own imperfections, we then need to accept those of others… If he is too short… Let it be…you don’t have to wear flat shoes all the time…ROCK your heels…it does not make him less of a man…if she growls like a pig…let it be…growl with her if need be…

3. TOTALLY IMMERSE yourself in the moment

…Allow yourself to lose yourself in it..whatever it is that you are doing that makes you happy…Don’t over think it…just let it be….shut the world out, it brings unnecessary negativity…Don’t just let it be another occurrence…make it a Moment…

4. DON’T COMPARE it to a movie scene

Movies follow scripts…real life follows instincts…so Don’t compare…that scene you saw was rehearsed and edited….Embrace the moments you have for what they are…not for what they could be or should be…remove all expectations…Don’t be upset if he doesn’t say what you want him to say.

5. DON’T ¬†RUSH it, take your time

The best things in life should be slowly savored…so take your time…allow yourself to take the time to enjoy your time….experience it to its fullest…Don’t rob yourself…


image sourced from: Fab.com


Kissing in the rain is NOT for black girls

The infamous “kiss in the rain” movie scene….

Yes, yes I know kissing in the rain looks really romantic and spontaneous in the movies but we black girls and our hair don’t mix with water, right ladies…?

Dark & lovely and the lips are just not a match. We all know that once water hits your hair, all that hair food and moisturizer drips with it…* not tasty at all*

So as great as it looks in the movies, we can kiss under a shelter, thank you very much. (unless you don’t mind blow drying my hair).

video sourced from: we live in film (“The host” movie)