A little bit about…

So what is this all about…

I love movies, so much so that I would spend my last 20 bucks to rent a DVD (yes I still rent DVD’S)…I love the escape of a movie, how it draws one in to an alternative world, a fantasy…a fairytale. It gives me the comfort to deal with the sometimes harsh realities of my world…the comfort that I can go on…re-imagine the future and overcome…I lose and find myself all at once…that is the magic of an escape I suppose…

…But…most movies also paint the perfect picture…there is always a happy ending…a perfect fairy tale…and because of that we can’t help but try to imitate certain cliches, actions and moments depicted in these fairy tales in our ordinary lives…forgetting that these fairy tales are rehearsed, scripted and edited whereas our ordinary lives are unscripted and non-fictitious… Attempting to mimic these fairytales arouse certain expectations that aren’t always met in our real worlds and so we get disappointed, crushed… overlook the small un-appreciated things in each other that aren’t always celebrated in movies…trying to pursue perfect ideals that don’t really exist…our imperfections, flaws, glitches become de-manufactured parts of a superficial world…an illusioned fantasy that removes us from reality…surely true happiness can never become of this yet this is one thing that we all want…the very essence of our being…fulfillment/happiness

…So this blog is a celebration of our blemishes, flaws and imperfections against the backdrop of fantasical movie moments… cliches and aims to highlight the beauty of those imperfect, unexpected, awkward moments and actions …encourage people to create their own versions of a fairy tale…maybe this way we might lead happier lives


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