Random talk is often the most refreshing…

Have you ever had one of those spontaneous, of the head conversations with someone…often someone you rarely speak to…?

I often find myself in these random and unexpected conversations with people I barely even know and I always find them to be the most refreshing because you kinda just speak, there isn’t any direction really…just meaningful words with unintended consequences…there is no expectations…no hesitations…just an exchange of spontaneous thoughts between individuals

In fact I think random talk is often the most honest and I guess that’s why its so refreshing…because often we when we talk especially with people we know we tend to over analyse and over think what we say, how to respond…what to anticipate…certain unconscious etiquette we follow…its like we have this unwritten script that precedes us…

But random is so effortless…its like you talk without thinking yet you  thinking…its like unconscious talk…its when the mind is at its most relaxed sipping cocktails under palm trees soaking in the sun…the words you utter are unhurried but mellow flowing at their own tune…making up their own rhyme…one beat at a time

lol…if you haven’t had random talk, just know that it often begins with the most obvious Image

things like “the sky is really blue today” …sometimes the most awkward questions like “wouldn’t it be cool if we could all walk upside down?” or “walk around invisibly naked on a really hot day?”….hahahahahaha…yep that’s random talk …and this is when great ideas are born, insights are found and where the self can be completely rejuvenated ..awakened to new truths and new choices for expression…its like a mind-makeover…

So tell me whats the most random things you’ve ever said or asked…?



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