“The best moments in life are UNPLANNED”


Sometimes you gotta ditch the schedules….the checklists….the to-do-list…the expectations….and just gooooooooooo!

It begins with a long drive to nowhere….I had just reconnected with a friend from high school through FACEBOOK (thank God for it)….on second thought we were actually never really friends in high school. He was that weird guy that no one really spoke to, but I had always been intrigued by him…there was just something about him…although any interaction between us began and ended with a “HELLO”…

Then one day we randomly had a conversation on Facebook and then decided to extended the conversation in a more personal manner …So we met up and decided to just drive…..(I know you probably thinking that was risque of me but my instinct just told me to go…and like they always say trust your instincts, right…?)…so we drove…no maps…or GPS… of where we were going or what we were going to do…we just followed the road…

Eventually we reached the end of the road and we decided to just park there…yep right there in the middle of nowhere …amongst the greens and the unknown…  So we decided to sit on the roof of the car and admire from above…for a moment we just sat in silence…listening to nothing really…but that was the beauty of it…like we spend so much time talking,…some times even competing with one another to do so…talking on top of each other’s voice and never really just listening…For some reason we think its awkward to let seconds go by without saying a word…but that is the strange thing, it wasn’t awkward at all…it was like we were conversing but not through words…it was like our spirits were talking to one another…having a big fat conversation through our souls….sharing small laughs that often go unnoticed… I was listening and understanding…(two things we take for granted)…I could see the picture clearly…it was almost like we step outside of ourselves…..

…then after a while, he uttered “I am so glad we re-met”…because that is exactly what was it a re-encounter…only this time our conversation did not end with a “HELLO”…he continued “I don’t know you but I know you”…..”Someday I would like to be more than your friend”…”But right now I would really like to continue soaking in your energy”…call it cheesy or corny but I thought it was really sincere…so honest…soooooo unexpected…and for some weird reason, in that moment…it became clear to me  what I wanted and did not want…Anyway we carried on talking with brief moments of silence and then eventually we drove to nearby bar and drank the evening away…well he watched me drink because he couldn’t….and eventually we returned to the routine of our day-to-day grind.

…Indeed the best moments in life are unplanned but what I realized even more is that sometimes we find ourselves in other people’s confessions…

So go on drivvvvvvve…you never what you will discover or rediscover…I DARE YOU




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