” That moment when you’re caught talking to yourself”


That awkward stare you get when you’ve been caught talking to yourself…

So the other day  I am standing in front of the mirror of a public toilet, speaking to myself …trying to make sense of a situation I had encountered. It had been pondering in my mind and I just felt that I had to let out…hoping to find clarity on the matter…So there I am going at it, saying…”but what just happened”…”Did he really mean what I thought he mean’t”?…”what if…”…so like…”…twisting my hair…rolling my eyes… straight face…it was going down in that moment…like I was having a proper serious conversation with myself…lol…hahahaha…Ana in my mind it did not even occur to me that I was talking to myself…I was just wanted to let it all out, blow some steam…Sure, I could’ve called a friend but I wanted to make sense of it to myself first….keeping the thoughts in my head was just not working…

….But little did I know that I had an unexpected listener, who had been comfortably chilling on the toilet…listening to every word I had said…So she walks out the door, comes straight at me and says “I think you need someone to speak to”…”I can assure I could be more of help than the mirror”…*so embarrassing*…In that moment I just thought I was soooo abnormal…but then we laughed it off…”Gosh she must have thought that I am so weird”…

And then I thought “No man ” (trying to justify it in my head) …I have seen plenty of people talking to themselves in their cars, while walking on the street, in a taxi, a bus…you name it……Eish but it does look weird from the outside…although it does not feel that way when you are doing it…

So I say…”kick the stares to the curve”… say …”Excuse me can’t you see that I am having a conversation with myself here” …laugh alone if you must (okay don’t make it too obvious now)…in fact have a glass of wine while you at it… LET IT ALL OUT…

So tell what are some of the funniest…strangest things you have heard from people talking to themselves?


5 thoughts on “” That moment when you’re caught talking to yourself”

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  2. Hi Ayanda,

    Very funny! I talk to myself all the time. My husband and son always ask me, “who are you talking to?” Sometimes I’ll say, “Myself, and it’s great conversation.” Other times I’ll say, “I’m talking to God.” And I just laugh it off.

    I’m visiting from a photography blog that wordpress recommended. A photo blog for people who are depressed and have other mental illnesses. I’m not depressed nor do I suffer from a mental illness, but I invite you to visit my new photography blog. Well see you around in cyberspace.


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