You can caress my hair at your own risk…

But why you gotta touch my hair…?


Classic movie moment

Caught up in the moment…glaring at each other like love sick puppies…whispering sweet nothings to each other…then guy extends his hand over to his lady’s love hair…caressing it slowly and gently…up and down….hmmm *sigh* beautiful isn’t it…Movie sell us dreams I tell you…

I and a few of my girlfriends however find this gesture to be rather uncomfortable…and for some reason guy wants to caress your hair on your worst hair day…like when your weave tracks have loosened to the point that they could fall out at any minute…or when you have so  much hair growth that not even a straightener can help out…hahahahaha worse your braids are hanging right at the end of your hair tips that one touch could result in a one way trip to the bottom of the floor….oh and how can we forget that dandruff  that is comfortably chilling on your scalp with no intention to go any where but to sit and  absorb the moisture *yikes*…then guy wants to caress you with all of that….ooohhh and  his fingers get tangled up … suddenly there is a tug of war  with my hair… hold up one sec lover boy….*not romantic*…

So we can glare at each other and whisper sweet nothings but can we just leave my hair out of it…I’ll caress yours instead but only you have a brush cut…

*excuse me while I sort out my hair*



4 thoughts on “You can caress my hair at your own risk…

  1. Lmao, no hey. Do not touch my hair, yes you may have seen it work in many movies but this is reality dude. Getting my hair to look good took quite some time and you need to find new ways of romancing me.

  2. Wow I lyk very inspiring…hahaha movies fool da ish out of us black people!!
    My boyfriends not allowed 2 touch my hair @ all lmao”

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