“She would rather undress in the DARK”

“I don’t want him to see my scar and stretch marks. I would rather undress in the dark” she says…

In the real world there is no body double, just the dark….Image

The other day I was talking to a guy friend of mine and he was telling me that his girlfriend was so self-conscious about her body because of her deep wounded operation scar and stretch marks, that she refused to allow him to see her naked…It was so bad in fact that the one time he suggested that they bath together, she went in the bath tub with her T-shirt on… Their intimate moments were spent in the dark, he never knew what she looked like  beneath her clothes, only how her skin felt…he could only imagine…

It made me ponder how stressful that must be, to think that there  must be many women out there who do the same thing and would probably never admit to it…its …We watch slender  flawless skinned women parade in their swimsuits and lingerie in movies, music videos, magazines etc … depictions of ideal,  celebrated standards of beauty… and secretly we want to look that way because we want to be desired and wanted but we look at those stretch marks… those deep scars that just won’t go away (well unless you thousands of rands for cosmetic surgery)  and we can’t bear to look at ourselves in the mirror let alone let someone else…so we disguise ourselves with the dark…

” Until I learn to accept myself as I am or can afford to do something about it…I shall undress in the dark”…she says

Accepting your flaws is not as easy as it sounds, its a journey; probably a life-long one for a lot of us…but neccessary if we ever to achieve true happiness with ourselves…and besides….life would be boring if we all looked the same…

...So to you Sir over there…Its either you kiss me with all my scars and blemishes or leave me alone…


Image sourced: rocketdock.com


4 thoughts on ““She would rather undress in the DARK”

  1. that is just a sad reality for many woman. As a voluptuous lady i have always been self conscious and unensure of myself. Til I got reassurance at home that being different is good. I started to embrace my full figure and I love myself, child I think I am the hottest thing since sliced bread lol….*JOKES* I think that it time that woman stopped being dictated to, of what is perfect and started to love themselves for who they are. Show me one lady that doesnt have a lil stretch mark somewhere if not alot. Embrace your imperfections its what make you unique. Great blog girl.

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