After “the honeymoon”

What happens when the butterflies go away…?, when that giddy laugh fades away….?, when that can’t stop thinking about him/her look dwindles…?

Romantic Movies have  happy ever afters because everything starts and  ends with the honeymoon phase….We don’t see the grind, the day-to-day efforts of  making love  work….But in reality we grow out of the honeymoon phase and we begin to realize that there is practicality that comes with keeping real love alive….certain quality traits surface that we don’t like, that aren’t ideal, that were hidden in the beginning and we struggle, we fight, we break-up and make-up trying to hold on to the honey moon…we want it to last  because movies imply that they do….


….Yes those butterflies feel damn good and we should enjoy them while they last BUT we should also accept  it when they are gone…



3 thoughts on “After “the honeymoon”

  1. We threaten to break up with each other all the time because we trying to adapt to the practicality of making it work. There are certain imperfections and flaws that surface long after the honeymoon that we struggle to accept in each other. Indeed you can make new reasons to have butterflies, but its not the same hence the word “make” because it becomes real and you have to work a bit harder at it.

  2. The butterflies weren’t real to begin with, you equally “made” them with your false expectations and state of self proclaimed euphoria… its all the same

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