Yes we “DO” settle

So we talk about the perfect guy, the perfect lady…

“He must be tall, dark and have big strong arms  or “long soft hair with a slim figure and cooks for me every night” (they say)… But how many of us actually ever get the perfect combination, you know the one that has it all?… The answer is that we don’t… he might be tall and masculine and buys you flowers and roses but chances are he will lack in something one way or another; be it his arrogance, a dry sense of humor , an uncontrollable temper , a really bad breath (add lots of Stimrol on the shopping list) or a really hairy chest that could hide an anaconda. 

The point is there are certain things that we learn to tolerate and accept in our partners that we don’t necessarily like in spite of their good looks and charm or bad looks and great personality.

So when they say don’t settle, they actually mean settle for whats best for you.

So what are you willing to put up with…?

This is the real world, it ain’t no movie…


(this entry was inspired by a conversation between two close friends of mine, Sindi and Kenosi. Thank you guys)


4 thoughts on “Yes we “DO” settle

  1. I heard someone once say “settling down isn’t the problem, settling for less is…” still think its profound…

  2. So basically there’s no such thing as THE perfect guy (I suppose that would be rather creepy) but A perfect guy, the one you end up with after all the compromises 😉

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