“That accidental moment”

It was love at first sight they say…. oh Reali?

The infamous “accidentally bumping into each” other movie moment…

Okay, I don’t know if you have noticed but you know how in most romantic movies, there is always that scene when the two main characters accidentally bump into each other and then sparks fly, love is in the air and they can’t take their eyes of each other and of course everything happens in slow motion just to capture the magical moment….’The perfect picture”…

Errrr no….Replay that into the real world, chances are that when you do bump into someone, you apologize (if you’re decent enough) ,you help the girl pick up her things (if you are a gentleman) and then bounce…

There are no sparks in the air or love at first sight for that matter, you probably irritated because some fool bumped into you, worse; spilled your/his coffee on that sexy dress/shirt you’ve been dying to wear… Although, I will excuse you if you’re easy on the eye…( *hides*)

Have you ever had one of those moments…?


(sourced from movie clips)


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