Kissing in the rain is NOT for black girls

The infamous “kiss in the rain” movie scene….

Yes, yes I know kissing in the rain looks really romantic and spontaneous in the movies but we black girls and our hair don’t mix with water, right ladies…?

Dark & lovely and the lips are just not a match. We all know that once water hits your hair, all that hair food and moisturizer drips with it…* not tasty at all*

So as great as it looks in the movies, we can kiss under a shelter, thank you very much. (unless you don’t mind blow drying my hair).

video sourced from: we live in film (“The host” movie)


He didn’t ask for my number…

Was it my breath…

No I think it was something that I said… (shucks me and my big mouth)

Wait, but I didn’t even say much.

Okay so let me paint the picture for you…

There I was in the grocery store, picking up a few things when I was suddenly approached by a very good looking young man (he is the perfect 10, although he is not that tall). Of course, he hit me with a cheesy pick up line; ” were you in my tutor class last year” , “you from UJ right?”, but its fine his good looks made up for it. Anyway he helped me carry my basket and even suggested some cooking recipes that I could try out. Crazy me, I picked out some of the items he suggested (soooo expensive,damn!) and carried away talking about food. Finally I reached the till, paid for groceries (I thought he might offer to pay, *hides*) ¬†and then walked to the door and of course he offered me a lift home. I got out the car and that was it, no “I hope to see you again soon” or “we should stay in touch or I would like to see you again”. All he said was the famous “it was nice to meet you” (Really!, then why didn’t you ask for my number).

So confusing….

But the point is, movies paint the perfect picture; you meet a guy, he asks for your number and then there is a happy ever after. So we tend to expect things to happen in that order in the reality but clearly it doesn’t always happen that way. In life there is no script, you kinda just go with flow and sometimes you don”t say the “right things” but that’s okay. Maybe it just wasn’t time…. (although I can’t help but wonder why).

Let me know if you have a experienced something similar… I am itching to hear your stories